How Blog Commenting Makes You an Exceptional Blogger

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Fruitful Blog Commenting

Insightful comments on different blogs can create good reputation for your name. When it comes to blog commenting I am too curious about it because it has helped me to make good relations with fellow bloggers. I am not focusing on it much now and it seems I’m losing the rank for my name on different blogs. I used to comment on different blogs in the past month and almost all of them were Comment Luv enabled blogs and this helped me to drive traffic to my blog. Well I’m not doing it with that enthusiasm now, leaving blog commenting had affected my blog traffic, not much but a little, I show much care for people who come on my blog through related blogs. As almost all of them are loyal readers.

Energizes Your Brain for More Ideas

If you want to make worth-reading and inspiring comments you should read the article first then you should write comments. It would surely improve your reading skills and would help you to develop new ideas regarding the same topic or regarding any other topic.

“A good debate leads to great ideas”

You can express ideas by commenting or by writing your own article. Blog Commenting can help you in empowering your network and talking with different people of your field would help you to extend your knowledge.

Improves Your Visibility

To make your reputation and to show other bloggers that you are an active blogger you must have to improve your visibility, effective commenting can help you to improve your visibility on other blogs and it will help you to interact with other bloggers.  One of the main reasons behind my blogging career is to interact with people, my improved visibility add some plus points to my blogging profile which directly helps me to interact with people easily.

Encourages Relationships

Appreciating someone is really fascinating and it develops confidence for the one who is being appreciated. Blog authors struggle to write worth reading articles for their readers and to create a compelling environment on their blogs. Appreciating blog authors by writing enthusiastic comments is over whelming for the authors. The authors might get inspired from your comment and might leave a comment back on your comment.

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Natural Method to Create Backlinks

To perform better in Search Results your blog need quality backlinks by using blog commenting in a fruitful way you can simply increase the number of backlinks pointing to your site. You can make the result of those backlinks more delightful if you comment on some dofollow blogs. A combination of dofollow and nofollow backlinks can boost your blog rank in search engines.

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Drives Niche Related Traffic to Your Blog

Blog Commenting can help you to drive traffic from other blogs. If you leave a comment on an active blog then author and loyal readers of that blog are more likely to visit you. In the blog-o-sphere I know almost every active blogger but when I see any inspiring comment from a person whom I don’t know, I visit his site at first. It’s my curiosity to know the blogger. This isn’t the case only with me, there are many bloggers who become excited when someone with a new profile leaves a worth-reading comment on their blog. When I was new many bloggers used to visit my site by following the Comment Luv links and many of them left insightful comments about my writing skills and their comments developed my confidence.

Tip: If you think that leaving comments such as “Thanks”, “I liked this article” and “I love this blog” will help you then blog commenting isn’t for you. These comments are considered as spam and no one is going to approve these comments.

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Time to conclude this article, blog commenting is the one of the best methods for effective blogging. If you improve your visibility as a blogger it would encourage relationships with fellow bloggers and would drive traffic to your blog and would make you a better blogger from thousands of others.

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Siraj Wahid

Siraj Wahid is a blogger, he is interested in web developing and marketing. His specialty is Search Engine Optimization. He is working on blogs since years and now he is struggling to serve others. You can follow him on .


  1. Hi Siraj,
    some valid points here!

    I like particularly #3 : Encourages Relationships
    I think that blog commenting is a great way to build relationships and increase visibility.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…Seven Frugal Ways to Operate Your Small BusinessMy Profile

  2. Hey Siraj,

    Nice write mate. Blog comment is great. I love the improve visibility. Imagine seeing your comment everywhere on the net, people will tend to realize that you are a key player in this industry. That’s a great way to build readership and authority.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Reginald recently posted…How To Optimize Website With On Page And Off Page SEO?My Profile

  3. Hi Siraj,

    Blog commenting is the way that I started getting traffic to my blog. I first started using it to drive traffic. Now I use it because it helps me build relationships…the traffic and backlinks are just a plus.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and I hope you have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted…How Many Spam Comments Does Your Blog GetMy Profile

    • Yeah, traffic + backlinks equals to successful blogging. You are doing a great job as a commentator. Keep up the good work Susan :)

  4. Nice post indeed. Building relationships with other bloggers is very important in my opinion and by reading and commenting on blog posts you enjoy or find helpful you will start to become a part of the community.

  5. hello Siraj….
    I like a line in your article that is a good debate leads to great ideas…
    your article describe each and every thing about blog commenting…
    you also concluded it perfectly…
    keep sharing dude…
    vishu sachdeva recently posted…Lenovo P780 Specifications,Features,Price and Release DateMy Profile

  6. Great Said Siraj,

    Comments are very helpful. It drives traffic to your blog. attract new readers. encourages relationships. and helps to build natural backlinks.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Nikhil :)

  7. Hi Siraj,
    The most important benefit as I noticed of blog commenting is that you get to know a lot of similar bloggers and you can easily expand your network. Infact, you can get decent discussion on your articles if you actively engage in discussions on other blogs.
    In additions to these, targeted traffic and natural backlinks always come as bonus. Specially commentluv enabled blogs are a feast to comment upon.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…3 Important Features of WordPress 3.7 – BasieMy Profile

    • Hey Vineet,

      My last post was about networking with bloggers and i got idea of this post from that post. Commenting helps you to interact with fellow bloggers and to develop more ideas for better blogging.


  8. Nice post Siraj!

    You’ve brought up some interesting points. I personally enjoy the interaction, getting to know other people and networking. Plus, like you mentioned, the targeted traffic is very nice.

    Didn’t think about it energizing your brain for new idea’s, but that is a great take away.
    Ron Killian recently posted…3 Quick and Easy Pinterest Traffic HacksMy Profile

  9. I agree, most people see it as task they don’t want to do, while there is so much value in reviewing other sites and getting to know other bloggers, probably better than social media..;)

  10. Hi Siraj,
    Blog commenting has lots of advantages, like you said; it is the easiest way to build good relationship with other bloggers. .
    Agree with your point; good debate leads to great ideas. . well written post, thanks for sharing :)

  11. Hi Siraj

    Up until recently I was commenting on at least five blogs a day and that certainly helped with driving traffic to my site.

    The best benefit though is to encourage relationships. Blogging can be a lonely place if you don’t become part of a community of like-minded bloggers.
    Tim Bonner recently posted…Blog Niche: Why Bigger Isn’t Always BetterMy Profile

    • Only five blogs? :P I have a big list which includes active blogs because i love interacting and i look forward to remove inactive blogs from the list.

  12. Hello Siraj,

    Blog commenting has numerous benefits the first thing is it’s great way to interact with readers, if they face any issues and we have an opportunity to solve it so that it leads to good impression.

    Next thing is it’s a best method to build natural backlinks and also getting good traffic from the links we placed.

    Anirudh Karthik recently posted…Find MAC Address in Android/iPad/iPhone/Windows 7/8/XP/VistaMy Profile

  13. Hi Siraj,

    It does take time and effort to read and comment on blogs and interact but it’s well worth it overall. Some people still have not figured that out yet.

    Have a great day. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…How To Improve Your Alexa RankingMy Profile

  14. Hey Siraj,

    I initially started blog commenting to get traffic to my blog. While we all know this works beautifully over time I soon found that I was learning so much from other bloggers. I enjoyed getting to know them and learning what they were involved in.

    Building relationships to me is the big key to all of this. It’s not just about the traffic or the comments but the relationships you build with other bloggers. I’ve written about this myself but I’ve been surprised by some of the benefits that can come from this when least expected.

    It definitely will help with traffic but there is so much more.

    Appreciate this share and great job. Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Social MediaMy Profile

    • Siraj WahidSiraj Wahid says:

      Hey Adrienne,

      I also started it for traffic but i wasn’t getting enough traffic, i was sure that it has some benefits because many bloggers were doing it. I realized that i’m not writing worth-reading comments and changed my strategy. After that my traffic and interactions boosted.

      I agree with you but if you want to reap the fruits of blog commenting you have to leave insightful comments to get noticed by the author and readers :)


  15. Hi Siraj,

    Blog commenting has many advantages and most are very obvious. You’ve very correctly analyzed them as well.

    In my case I try to comment in a way to increase engagement and build stronger relationship with fellow bloggers and guest authors. It provides me a platform to build reputation and my brand.

    That’s the sole purpose of CommentDX group (in Facebook) as well. A place where you can meet fellow bloggers and help to prosper. This really has helped a lot.

    In my view, commenting is not much different than writing blog posts and not a bit less important. Blog comments has all right to expect all the effort you make for your blog posts. After all comments offer reputation, ranking and above all targeted traffic if you know how to do it right.

    So, keeping all this in view, I’ve announced recognition and incentives for my commenters. You can win a GoDaddy domain name and Ad spots if you are top commenter. Similarly, I’m planning to offer some incentives to the random blogger as well. Let me see how well it can improve the engagement.

    Hope, your article will be successful in increasing awareness.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Making Custom Design Now More Fascinating With Online Design ToolMy Profile

    • Hey Suresh,

      Thanks for the add up buddy. It’s amazing, offering incentives to the top commentators will surely boost the number of comments on your blog and it will also boost your brand presence.

  16. Hello Siraj,
    There are so many awesome benefits blog commenting can give to a good commenter but, some people don’t really know that.

    One of the things that i love about it is the fact that you can use it to build some great connections with other bloggers.

    Another good thing about it is that, it can really help you to fight the issue of writers block because, when you comments on comluv enabled blogs, you will always see an interesting post title that another commenter wrote which can give you an idea of what next to write about.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…A Very Useful Checklist to Creating an Amazing BlogMy Profile

  17. wow this is great seems you and i are on the same blogging realm as i published “How to get the most out of blog commenting’ today highlighting the blog commenting etiquette and how one can make the most of blogging comments.
    Your article resonates with it perfectly, seems like one is the extension of the other. i can’t agree more with you on the points you raised and discussed. thanks for sharing such an amazing post.
    Desmond Nwosu recently posted…How to get the most out of Blog CommentingMy Profile

  18. First of all it’s so nice to read your blog!

    Commenting is one of the most important factor to create a good blogging personality on the web. Because it not only create a back link but also it will left your mind impression on diferrent websites and blogs. But, unfortunatly we’re not so sirious about commenting, we commenting only for few back links to improve the visiblity on search engines.

    Blogging is all about relationship between author and reader. And commening will get you loyal readers whic is more better than organic traffic. So obiously good comments will give more benifits….
    Majharul Hossain recently posted…Leaving a Good Comment!My Profile

  19. Hey Siraj, it’s good to meet you here this hot afternoon. :)

    Aha! Another insightful post from you. :) You my friend are a genius. You have shared all that there is about blog commenting and you couldn’t have said it right.

    There’s no limit to what blog commenting can do for you as a blogger. Trust me, blog commenting is what has brought me to the level where I now am and the level of interactiveness on my blog.

    If it were not for blog commenting, I wouldn’t have known the likes of madam Adrienne, harleena, Sue Neal, Nwosu Matrevor, babanature, Obasi, Mr. Suresh, Cudjoe, Gilbert, Sriram, Abraham, Phillip Dews, Siraj Whaid and a host of other great bloggers that I have come to know and build quality relationships with over the past 4months.

    Blog commenting indeed is highly imperative and good comments that further adds value to a post yields quality back-links and the end result of such epic comments is success! :)

    Thanks for sharing this great post with us boss.


    • Siraj WahidSiraj Wahid says:

      Another wonderful comment from you Sam, The way you write comments is perfect to attract people. Thanks for adding this valuable stuff buddy, I really liked your comment :)

  20. Hi Siraj,

    I do agree with you on the importance of blog commenting, it not only help you improve your website SEO and traffic but it will also help you get introduced to like minded bloggers in your niche.
    Qasim recently posted…5 Ways to Get More Sales from Your B2B E-Commerce SiteMy Profile

  21. Hi Siraj

    Great post. I agree with all the points you have here. I think most of us start commenting so people will also comment on our blogs but of course then we build relationships and that is the nice part.

    I also learn from so many bloggers and I get ideas for my posts. So it works all round.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Sue Price recently posted…Take Responsibility and Magic May HappenMy Profile

  22. Hi Siraj

    Hey friend, this is a very insightful post. In the last 4 months, I’ve benefited greatly from commenting. What i enjoy most is the new friends i have made.

    I juts love commenting now. Though I’m missing out a bit because i don’t have a niche blog yet but i just love reading quality content. The best way to reward the writer is to share the post and drop my comments.

    Thanks for honest post. :)
    ologundudu abraham recently posted…The World needs to stop being boring! A Pep Talk from Kid President to YouMy Profile

  23. Hi Siraj,

    Great job and one of my favorite subjects. Blog comments are the backbone of our business! Not only do we have people coming to our blogs, but when they do, we go to theirs and connect with them on social sites. It is a beginning of a beautiful friendship!

    Oh and how we learn from the people who we go to! That’s one of the greatest things of all for me. I read about 5 to 10 blogs a day and enjoy ever bit. Some are in my niche and some are not, but I come away learning new things all the time!

    Have a happy day!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Get Rich Quick Is A LieMy Profile

  24. hello there siraj. blog commenting also helps you gain new ideas for our articles. for instance, suggestions and questions of commentators can help you obtain new ideas for new articles
    marilyn cada recently posted…Top Commentator for October 2013My Profile

  25. I like commenting as a natural backlink building method.

    Great tips!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Good Branding, Better Branding: Helping Your Brand Take the Next StepMy Profile

  26. Excellent post which is written neatly and clearly with all possible points.

    I too have the a post for blog commenting which explains all the benefits of blog commenting, it went viral and it is ranking for the keyword “What is blog commenting?”.

    I agree with your points related to blog comments and am familiar with it.

    Thanks for sharing this post and hope it would help to newbies to understand the purpose of blog commenting effortlessly.
    Nirmala recently posted…Best iPad Apps for College Students and TeachersMy Profile

  27. Hey Siraj,
    Appreciate the post. I used to comment to build long lasting relationship with the blog owners. And I am personally not a believer of building backlinks by commenting.

    Good luck for your blog :)
    Shahzad Saeed recently posted…#AskAdwords: Google Adwords Team Answers to My Question in a VideoMy Profile

  28. Hello Siraj Bro,

    Awesome sharing bro.
    Blog commenting provides more benefits that are beyond to our thinking. You have covered all those points very smartly.

    Newbies think that blog commenting is only for building backlinks. But they miss the real juice of it.
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…The Concise Art of Crafting A Conversational ArticleMy Profile

    • Hey Ankit,

      Thanks for stopping by, limiting blog commenting to just backlinks is totally unfair. Blog commenting has many more benefits. Newbie bloggers really need to realize this thing.

  29. Hi Siraj

    Valid points which blog commenting really works better in building back links and relationship as i got some valuable friends been active on there blog and I love to be first to comment which generates me some traffic too I wish others too do it
    Shameem recently posted…Nokia Rising: Lumia 1520 ReviewMy Profile

  30. Hi,
    Frankly speaking I am new to blogging era, just to know the importance of backlinking. I will surely follow your suggestions.
    Vasant Sakpal recently posted…Why Facebook remove the option, hide your profile searchesMy Profile

  31. Hi Siraj,

    I know quite some people that employed the power in blog commenting to easily and quickly gain traffic to their blog and at the same time, cement a place of authority for themselves.

    Blog commenting is quite good, it helps broaden your horizon, connect you with people of like minds, expose you while at the same time creates a feeling of fulfillment and happiness seeing your comment being appreciated on the blogosphere.

    Thanks for sharing mate, retweeted on twitter.
    Dare recently posted…Eight free tools and wordpress plugin to reduce Image SizeMy Profile

  32. I just started using Comment Luv a few week ago and love it. I knew of it, but never tried it out on my sites. It encourages commenting and helps bring life into your posts. Sometimes the comments are just as valuable as the post.

    I have connected with a lot of like-minded bloggers and that is where the true power lies. Yes, the SEO benefits are nice as well.I really Enjoyed to read this post.thanks.
    Shireen Anwar recently posted…25 Beautiful Photos of RainbowsMy Profile

  33. Hi Siraj,

    A great topic and an excellent write up from you! I think that bloggers take to commenting as a means to get backlinks, well, most of them. But then there are those who use it as a means of networking. I am one such blogger.

    For me, the prime priority of commenting is to build beneficial relations with fellow bloggers. Leaving meaningful, insightful comments is a good way to get it done.

    Increased exposure is another advantage! I came to your blog now, seeing your comment on one of my friend’s blog! That’s the power of commenting!

    There are many commenting heroes out there in the blogosphere. But the ones I admire the most are- Sam Adeyinka and Harleena Singh. I’ve learnt a lot from them.

    Good read buddy!

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…SEO Strategies to Implement in 2014My Profile

  34. Thanks for sharing this insight. I have never thought much about commenting on blogs though I try to build a relationship through twitter. Makes a lot of sense to actually engage through comments directly to the blog. Thanks again!

  35. I’m a talker, listener and reader therefore blog commenting works very well for me and it’s definitely a great way to get out into the industry to see what others are doing and how you become a better blogger also.

  36. Hi Siraj,

    There are just way to many PROs to leaving comments, that there is no reason that one should not comment, but as we all know, still too few leave comments. Thanks for the share…
    Amiti recently posted…Feedweb UpdatesMy Profile

  37. Hello Siraj,

    Your writing skills are really amazing, i liked your way of presentation and i know how you felt writing this article with your experience. I am sure you will be a great blogger one day.

    Aditya Chintha
    Aditya recently posted…Track your Android Smartphone Using Android Device ManagerMy Profile

  38. That is a great idea! I always want to do it but feel I am pressed for quantity reading instead of quality following!

  39. Hi Siraj, I have copied this useful article to my blog. I did it just to make me easier to re-read it any time. I bookmarked this link once, but since my computer had an error the link has gone. I attached this url to my post. If you mind, I will delete it.
    Andre recently posted…How Blog Commenting Makes You an Exceptional BloggerMy Profile

  40. I had to bookmark this article for me to read again and again. I agree the best relationships, exposure and back links come from commenting. When I lay off of commenting I notice less engagement in my own blog. Even though it has only been 90 days since I launched, I keep feeling I should be farther ahead of the game. I realized when contemplating this article I am doing things backwards. I spend too much time on content, and too little time on growing. Thank you and I have subscribed to your list!


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