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characteristics of a good website


Hello Folks, It’s been a long time I was away due to my exams, well I am back to bang again. As I am a student of Business Administration and closely related to Finance & Accounts, today there was a discussion in my class about benefits of having a website, effective marketing technique and role of internet. During the whole discussion I was thinking about how a website could be better? What are the ingredients required to make a website to meet the quality standards? Is it possible to create profit making virtual business? These questions insisted me to search for successful virtual businesses and reasons of their success. The search ended up with the post about “Characteristics of a Good Website”.

A website should contain the characteristics mentioned below to become user oriented.

Appearance & Design:

Website design and outlook plays an important role in the success of any website. Use of appealing color schemes and consistency in design is an immense contributor, using excessive flash and images may irritate your visitors and due to this it may be possible that you would not be preferred over others. We have a best example of simplicity around us: Google.com. However you should not only go upon simplicity, you should also strive to design your website in a manner which attracts visitors.

High Quality Content:

Website’s outlook is still an important factor as it would attract visitors to prefer your website over others but it would be useless if you are not satisfying the needs and thirst of your users. If you can’t produce quality content then its far better to keep yourself away from establishing a website and wasting money in premium themes, plugins and designs. “High Quality Content” the phrase says it all:

High: Better than other websites.

Quality: It’s all about creating understandability through using examples and illustrations.

Content: For which visitors are looking for.


Do remember search engines are also more interested in fresh, original and appealing content than the copy cat ones.

Easy Navigation:

Your website should be easy to navigate, proper sections or categories should be maintained if you are working on various segments. This will help your users to sort out what they are looking for. Let’s consider myself, I’m interested in blogging stuff and I found a website related to blogging which contains technology and fashion stuff too. If the articles are not divided properly in different categories then most probably I have to go through fashion and technology stuff to read my interest, it may be possible that I would not prefer that site because of hard navigation.

Rapid Response Time:

If you are following above three steps then I am sure you will gradually feel both improvement and increment in your performance, immense use of flash, images and scripts may prove irritating for users with slow internet connection and it is also disliked by search engines. You must consider those factors and sort them out as soon as possible if you don’t want to lose your future visitors.

Mobile Compatibility:

Smart phones has changed our life, even I do most of my personal work through my phone. Your website should be compatible with different platforms as most of the users now use phones and tablets for different tasks. I am sure you guys are aware of the benefits. Giving accessibility to phones simply means increasing your number of visitors and possibly earnings too.


These characteristics apply on every website, however there may be many more characteristics that may apply on other websites such as for Ecommerce (security of information of their clients in their dealings) and Quick Download time (If you are providing some kind of hosting/downloading services)

What are your thoughts about Characteristics of a Good Website? Share in comments.

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Usama Wahid

Usama Wahid is a student of business management. He has a busy schedule but he likes to write articles and somehow manages his time for it. He loves writing about business needs.


  1. Hello,

    Yes you are right Blog’s design and appearance is considered as the main characteristics and a good design leads to good impression from readers on the other hand the bad design leads to traffic loose. Over all we need to provide readers the best quality results from our blog to make them loyal readers.

    Ashish recently posted…5 Tips to Choose Best Android TabletsMy Profile

  2. Hey Wahid, and welcome to Siraj’s great blog – it surely is nice to see you here. :)

    You are right on the head without question. I agreed with every of your points as they are very valid points.

    Your design has to be eye catching. I have always been of the opinion that a blog or website need not be flashy or somesort bit it as to be user friendly, and simple. I love simplicity and there ain’t anything than the act of being simple, is there?

    Quality content is my core and I preach it often. And that’s the reason I have stayed glued to this site and some of the one’s I’m a part of. And the reason why I have decided to leave my two cent. Your content must always pass out value. here’s my take about quality contents: Content of course is the King but Value is the King’s maker. Without value, your content truly cannot be called “Quality” let to talk of “Great”.

    Easy navigation, is also very important. Like you said, it helps the user or reader to choose their choice of reading. You don’t want to get it wrong here.

    Rapid Response; What a good alliteration, by this I’m sure you meant the speed level. The last time I checked my blog’s load speed. I realized that it was very slow, like 8sec to load. That was bad, right? I immediately contacted Enstine who in turn told me what to do. I did and I got my desired result.

    The biggest mistake a blogger would ever make is not to make their blog mobile friendly. I’m guessing out of 100% of website surfers, a staggering 85% of them surf using their phones and so do I. Most of my articles were written via my phone and sometimes published from it as I have installed WordPress on my BlackBerry Smartphone.

    Wahid, you have shared the very characteristics of a good website in a fashionable yet potent way with this great community. I’m sure like me, most folks would resonate with it.

    Thank you so much for sharing it – and do have a magical week ahead of you. :D

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 Reasons Why You Aren’t A Millionaire YetMy Profile

  3. Hi Wahid,

    I agree absolutely with you. All the points you have mentioned are worthy points to note and address. I agree quite well with Sam adeyinka, Google is paying more attention to mobile internet use, and by estimate, it is projected that PC’s and laptops will soon go out of existence. Research also made it known that 5 out of 7 people makes use of their mobile phones to surf the net.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful post.
    James recently posted…Seven SEO tips to get Google US search trafficMy Profile

  4. Hello,

    Totally agreed with all the points in the post, It’s really important to maintain the good characteristics for the website. The first thing should be a responsive theme which convince the visitor to stay on the blog/website for long time. Secondly as you’ve mentioned highly quality content and design of a theme should be elegant and attractive.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Samir recently posted…Download Free Kentucky Case Disclosure Acknowledgment FormMy Profile

  5. You are write brother Blog design play an important role to attract visitor.
    after blog design the second factor is content.
    If we write according to visitor. we can get success in our goal.
    Muhammad Irfan recently posted…Top New year wishes messagesMy Profile

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