How I End Up with Writing a Splendid Article

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Writing is an important factor of blogging, successful bloggers are most probably successful writers too.  Each and every blogger is striving to write better articles. For some folks writing is easy as eating their favorite food but for some writing isn’t easy, Why? It’s because they aren’t practicing it nor they are searching for improving their skills, they need more practice. For some folks writing is the hardest task, they start article but fail to come up with ideas. For writing articles, a good start is important but what if there is no end to your start? What if you are not ending up with a splendid article? This happened with me a lot when I was new in this field. Are you just like those who are lacking in writing up splendid articles? Today, I’m going to share how I come up with great articles.

A good article is which covers each and everything about the topic, let’s begin the article by the tips, keep reading:

A Generous Idea:

Idea is the base of any article, idea is the gathering of concepts you choose to write on. How it would sound when I would start typing few random sentences in a document without having a specific idea. What do you suppose would be the result of my writing? Well, I think it would be a mess of completely helpless stuff and nobody would be interested in reading as it’s a mess without any worthy information.

 Research, without it you are nothing:

May folks think that they know it all, they think they can do without research, I know that you are aware of everything which is related to the topic but if you’d do some research you will surely come up with something new. I’m not asking to copy content from other websites, I’m asking to do research to come up with something which amazes the readers.

No Bragging:

Readers are looking for info which really works and which really have some pros, just bragging about things which doesn’t exist would not work at all, you are supposed to write what you know and what you’ve figured out from the research.

Write a Draft:

While writing an article at first you don’t have to care about your mistakes. No matter your words make sense or not. Write what you have in your mind because you know that you are not going to publish it, I prefer writing a draft first and then I start doing changes in it. It helps me a lot, It helps me to cover every useful thing in my article.

Proofread it:

A good writer is who doesn’t have mistakes in his writing, either grammar or logical. I know that it is difficult for new writers to write error free articles but they have to do this because people are ready to nail them if they’d commit mistakes. You’d find your mistakes more accurately if you read your article at least 2 times and if you can get someone to read your article it’s pretty awesome. Sometimes we can’t figure out our mistakes but other people can. At start of my writing career I used to ask my brother to proofread my articles but now I do it myself.


Writing good articles is really an outstanding art, I follow above listed steps when I write articles, what steps do you follow?

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Usama Wahid

Usama Wahid is a student of business management. He has a busy schedule but he likes to write articles and somehow manages his time for it. He loves writing about business needs.


  1. Hello pal,

    First of all I’d like to thank you for sharing amazing tips for creating quality articles. It’s really important to create or produce articles with awesome quality or generous idea to get more readers attracted towards it.

    Jijin Mohan recently posted…Simple Yet Useful Ways To Increase The Battery Life Of Any Android PhoneMy Profile

  2. Hi Usama,

    Nice to see you at Siraj’s blog! Great write and thanks for sharing.

    *p/s Siraj! Gratz for PR 2 mate. You have done well and keep that up buddy!
    Reginald recently posted…4 SEO Methods I Used To Achieve PageRank 2 After 5 Months And 24 DaysMy Profile

    • Usama WahidUsama Wahid says:

      I cannot express my feelings that you liked my write-up. I hope and wish i may write like you.

      Thank you so much for appreciation.

  3. Indeed researching is really important for writing a great article. For every article we write should be of complete information to the readers so that they can enjoy reading more and more.

    Thanks for sharing the tips!

  4. Wonderful article mate, writing good articles is really important for getting noticed by readers or search results so that we can boost the blog traffic.

    Your tips are really informative
    Anil Kumar recently posted…Dolphin Browser for PC or Windows Free DownloadMy Profile

  5. Hey Usama,

    Writing Articles and thinking of an idea is a writer’s job. If people can’t think of anything then they aren’t suited for this task. The post was great. It’s surprising on how much new things you can learn whilst making a new topic. Guest Post or your Own Site’s Post. It’s important to always keep your info updated.
    Christopher Cuna recently posted…Essentials To Promote Your BlogMy Profile

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