How Guest Posting Helps You To Increase Online Influence

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increase online influence from guest blogging

Most bloggers wonder how guest posting could increase their online traffic. They would prefer writing more on their blogs and utilizing their social media clouts to boost their online traffic instead of writing for other bloggers. The truth however is that guest posting opens up your online influence. It exposes you to a larger audience. How does this happen?

Guest Posting to Increase Online Influence:

  • Once you start guest posting, more readers find their way to your blog from other websites via the link created in the guest post. They are more likely to stay if what you posted was worthy and captivated them. They are eager to read more about what you write.
  • Guest posting makes more readers discuss your writing. From guest posts, you could easily become the trending story in the online world as readers discuss what your thoughts are about a topic.
  • Guest posting helps you write better. Once you start guest posting, a larger audience is reached. They will either positively or negatively criticise your work. This shapes you to write better articles even on your own blog.
  • Guest posting creates good relationships between bloggers who may continually recommend their readers to visit the other bloggers work.

Tips for Writing Good Guest Posts:

Identify Your Niche:

You have to understand that you cannot be a guest blogger on everyone’s website. There are sites where what is discussed does not concern you at all- do not try to guest post on such sites. You should only guest post on websites that talk about issues that interest you; issues that you have been writing about on your blog.

Read a Lot:

If you have to guest post on a website, be sure to read what they have written. What is their style of writing? What do they write about? Once you get a chance to guest post for them, it will be easy since you know what they write about and their tone of writing.

Be an Active Audience:

You do not just wake up one morning and decide to guest post on someone’s website. You have to first make yourself noticeable to them. Read their articles and comment regularly to their posts. You could initialize chats with them. This way, they will be ready to feature you as a guest blogger.

Prepare a Good Pitch:

You have to request the website owner to write for them. In your pitch, mention a few areas that given the chance you could write about. Also do mention the angle that you would tackle your topic. You may also attach a sample article that you have written so that the website owner can quickly go through it to assess your general writing style.

Be Relevant:

After consistently following the blog for long, you should have known the bloggers style of writing and what they write about. From the comments section you should also be able to tell what the tastes of the audience is. This guest post is an article that is relevant not only to the website owner but also to the audience.

Write High Quality Articles:

Once given the chance to guest post, write impeccable articles that are not only going to captivate the website owner’s eye but also catch the readers’ attention. They should have a magnetic attraction that is going to draw them to clicking your backlinks to see more from your blog.

Do All The Donkey Work:

Do not expect the website owner to edit or format your article. Most probably, the reason they gave you a chance to guest post is because they were too lazy to write themselves. They could also be too lazy to edit it! To avoid typographical embarrassments therefore, make sure that you proofread your work before submitting it. The website owner will only have to publish it.

Be Ready to Handle Online Traffic:

Guest posting and driving online traffic is not enough. You should be able to strategize on how to handle the online traffic that you draw from another person’s site. It would be nauseating for the readers to find that your blog has lousy writings yet you write superbly in guest posts. They will run away. To avoid this, make sure that you frequently post articles that will make them always come back for more.

Respond to Comments Generated by Your Guest Post:

Guest posting is not sufficient if you do not keep in touch with what your readers think about your article. Visit the guest post regularly and see the comments that it has solicited. Reply to the comments. That will make your readers eager to be engaged in more conversation with you.

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Melody Cleo is a passionate blogger from Manchester, UK. In her free time, she writes articles on various topics such as technology, gadgets, travel...etc. As of now she is focusing on Sky Contact Phone, which provides information regarding broadband services, radio services and television services.


  1. Hi Melody,

    The only reason you would be allowed to guest post is if you have great content on your blog. Normally, guest posters are good writers and their content is usually very good.
    I have not done a guest post, yet, but when I do, the content will be stellar.

    I like the tip of being ready to handle online traffic. Like you said, your posts should be good.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Geri Richmond recently posted…List Building With Forum MarketingMy Profile

    • Hey Mrs. Richmond, I’m particularly thrilled to see you here on Siraj’s blog. :)

      I’ve been seeing you around the blog-o-sphere but have not really been opportune to connect with you. I guess I’d just start from here.

      That’s true ma’am. Ivin and some other bloggers do told me the same thing. I remember Ivin, telling me to publish at least 10 great contents before I start pitching authors about my Guest articles. Did it work? Yes it did! And have used my guest posts to build my reputation in the blog-o-sphere. By Friday, my guest post, “William Shakespeare’s Top 4 Tips to Becoming a Writer” would be live on

      So you haven’t yet done a guest post? Wow! I’m sure it would be a great one if you decide to do it. Here’s what I feel though, you already got the reputaion, back-links sure isn’t the problem. But it surely will add up to your credibility, I’m sure.

      Again, it’s nice to see you here. Will search for you on Google right about now. Do have a great day ahead ma’am! :)

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Interview with Susan Neal – A Literary Giant!My Profile

    • I’m amazed that you’ve not done a guest post yet. Guest posting has some good benefits, you should try it, it has great benefits.

      Siraj Wahid recently posted…5 Dominant Characteristics of a Good WebsiteMy Profile

  2. Great! I have been thinking about guest posting a lot these days, because this is the only thing left to promote my blog. Thanks for great tips!
    Renuka recently posted…Guided Tours Or Spontaneous TravelMy Profile

    • Hey Renuka, are you serious! I saw you here again. The last I saw you was on comluv on Gilbert’s guest post. Lost track with you anyways but I’m glad I saw you here again. :)

      So Renuka, it’s lovely to hear that you’ve completed all the rules of driving traffic but yet to tap into the realma of guest blogging. Well, I’m sure when you are ready to, you will surely rock.

      I trust you’ve been good. Do take care of you okay.

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Quick Tips of Online Contents That Go ViralMy Profile

  3. Yes ! Guest posting helps you widely to not only promote your blog but also increase quality backlinks which take an active part in Perfect SEO and Search Engine Rankings Of Your Blog…

    Thanks Siraj! for sharing these valuable tips with us, and I am pretty sure you have a bad habit of changing the blog theme regularly same like me :)!

    Anyway Thanks once again.
    Ammar Zeb recently posted…How To Schedule Posts In Blogger For Auto PublishingMy Profile

  4. I have only guest posted once, it drew me some attention. I have not tried it in over a year, but I need to try it again.

    I believe I can write pretty well. I proofread my own content several times. I feel like if it gets by me; it should be good for readers who happen to come by.
    Michael Belk recently posted…How are female officers treated by male inmates?My Profile

    • hey Michael, it’s good to see you here. :)

      That’s the power of guest posting and God knows the stuffs that comes with it. I love the reputation rather than the back-links with which it pose. But the back-links is never a bad idea as it was make our blogs or website more interesting, isn’t it?

      Proofreading your works is highly essential as it improves your rank on and off the blogosphere. I mean if you write for offline press, such as magazines and what have you. I love proofreading. For instance it took me over 9days to proofread and edit this post before I sent it out as a guest post. see it here:

      I have even just written a post on proofreading and would be publishing it as a guest post soon.

      Well, when you are ready to publish it, you could publish it here, viralwriter, revealingthestuffs, bivori, comluv, famousbloggers or perhaps try posting it on my blog. Do enjoy yourself okay.

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…11 Simple Tips to Get Guest Posting OpportunitiesMy Profile

  5. You hit the nail there buddy, keep it up! I’ve had good success with guest blogging and the result is great! i hope others will learn from this too.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…12 Best Affiliate Marketing tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  6. Hello,

    Great post, guest posting is indeed a great method to get more audience and also build relationships with lot of readers. The role of guest posting in blogging is really top to drew intention of more readers.

    Samir recently posted…Download Free Kansas Divorce Petition Without Minor Children FormMy Profile

  7. Guest posting allows us to interact with totally new audience which help blog owner and his blog to get more online exposure.

    Adding value to your guest posts is the most crucial part. Writing quality and worth informative guest posts will be a traffic generation machine which will bring many targeted readers itself.

    Informative content! I Appreciate it :)
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…How To Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

  8. Guest post is a great way to promote blog, it increase blog’s visibility and also improve relationship

  9. Hii Melody,

    I will post my guest post soon, Your tips help me for my guest post.

    thank to sharing these tips.
    gaurav parmar recently posted…Best Chrome Extensions For BloggersMy Profile

  10. Hi Melody,
    very good points.

    I should add that building relationships with the blog owners, where you want to submit your guest post, really helps in having the article accepted.
    Also, you can expand your connections and create nice relationships.

    Thanks for sharing, Siraj.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…Search Engine and Referral Traffic – Which converts better ?My Profile

  11. Melody Cleo says:

    Thanks for all responses.

  12. Hey Melody, and welcome to Siraj’s blog – it surely is nice to see you here. :)

    Melody? As your name implies so does your writing. Trust me you have a rich and quality voice and it reflected so much on this post. I’m sure you was wondering if you did justice to this post. Sure you did Ms. You churned out a very detailed post about one of the most talked about topic in this blogosphere but in a more excellent way.

    All your points are highly distinctive and inventive. I’ve tried it and it has proven to be very potent. When you have succeeded in doing all these stated points, you would have increased drastically your online reputation or what Melody would call “influence”!

    You know what, Melody. I was gonna talk specifically on all the stated points but I realized if I do you might be unable to read the comments and it will affect the level of your productivity. I mean your attending to other comments.

    Great post dearie. Keep it coming okay! :D

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…7 Easy Steps to Break or Make a HabitMy Profile

  13. Melody, this post is very informative. I was a guest blogger once.. a long time ago, yet after reading this post, I think I may want to reevaluate this technique. The writing was so clear and concise. I plan to review this post again as I rebuild my blogging techniques. Thanks so much.. keep smiling
    Shalonda Gordon recently posted…4 Chicks And A Blog Are Taking Over On-Line MarketingMy Profile

  14. Now a day guest posting has became a sort of business, there is no longer the charm what used to be 2 year ago. People are trying to make money out of it (Both publisher and writer/service provider).
    In this way it’s a kind of link sale.
    David Hunn recently posted…Top Ten places to visit in USAMy Profile

  15. Guest Posting is fun and all. But it can be scary for beginners. I’ve only recently able to have to heart to pitch towards blog authors. I’ve been learning a lot about this field lately. People should really learn their niche from the start. Because without a niche Guest Posting can be hard. A site usually wouldn’t link to your site if it’s outside their nice.
    Christopher Cuna recently posted…Essentials To Promote Your BlogMy Profile

  16. Fabulous Article! Guest blogging is one of the effective way to increase alexa rank. Thanx for sharing such useful Information,, I have bookmarked your informative post
    John Marshal recently posted…Top 7 Tallest Buildings In The World 2014My Profile

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