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Hey guys, today I’m featuring Lisa Buben of InspireToThrive on my blog. This is the very first interview, I’m conducting. The reason behind conducting this interview is to let you guys know how successful bloggers are performing in the field and how you can improve yourself.

Let’s welcome Lisa on BlogCooters.

1.      Welcome to Blog Cooters Lisa, would you please introduce yourself to my readers?

My Name is Lisa and I blog at Inspire to Thrive. I’ve been there 3 years.

2.      It is really difficult for me to find ideas for writing articles, how you sort out ideas for writing articles?

When I learn something new from my retail website I like to share it to help others. Or if something new is happening via social media, blogging and SEO and not many are talking about it yet.

3.      I have seen that most of your articles do not follow any word count criteria. What is the role of word count in an article?

I always do at least 500 and try to do a minimum now of 800. I’d like to get over 2,000 but haven’t yet. I think 1200 has been my longest.

4.      What is your main source of income?

It really varies, I get some via affiliates and others via Sponsored Tweets.

5.      I have a bad experience with Google Adsense, What is your opinion about it? Would you like to suggest any other ad-network except Adsense?

I tried it in the beginning and didn’t do well. I would not mind trying it again in the future though I don’t like blogs with a lot of ads either. They have to be very targeted.

6.      How much time you dedicate to blogging?

At least 20 hours per week.

7. What social networking sites according to you make difference in your marketing campaign?

Twitter has been the best for me.

8.      Are Search Engines really important for blogging? What are the main sources of driving traffic to your blog?

Oh yes, Google organic is the best. Google and Bing are well for me as well as the social sites, Listly and BizSugar.

9.      Many bloggers start blogging with the intention of making fast money and almost all of them fail, what you think is the reason behind their failure?

Yes, they don’t have passion for it and they quit too soon.

10.  What things you think you can do better except blogging? 

Write better, be better with my grammar.

11.  Everyone has a role model, who is your role model?

I have many – Adrienne Smith, John Paul Aguiar, Ileane Smith, Brian Hawkins and mom to name a few.

12.  What you think your expertise is? Writing, Marketing, SEO or any other?


13.  According to you what makes a blogger successful?

One who loves what they are doing and continue to do it.

14.  What are your future plans?

I’d like to continue with my blog and maybe have a redesign in the coming year and find ways to monetize it better.

15.  Please leave a message for my readers.

Blogging is really an art form and one that you must love if you continue to blog year after year.

Back to my Readers:

I’m inspired with Lisa’s message, if you are passionate about blogging you will never lose your interest for it. I would like to point out question #9, don’t expect money from blogging, do blogging with real passion money would join you soon. It is certain that blogging will generate money for you but it requires patience and time. Starting blogging for money and quitting it after some time is just a waste of time. If you want to earn fast money, do something other than blogging.

I would feature some other pro bloggers soon on this blog, let me know what you think about this interview by leaving your precious comments.

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Siraj Wahid

Siraj Wahid is a blogger, he is interested in web developing and marketing. His specialty is Search Engine Optimization. He is working on blogs since years and now he is struggling to serve others. You can follow him on .


  1. First to fall i thanks to blog cooter administrations that they giving us these types of interviews which are essential for every new comer in the blogging world.
    Next i thanks to dear lisa that she giving us nice guidelines for better blogging.
    the interview was very informative thanks for landing here lisa. best of luck.
    thanks Siraj bro.
    Thanks lisa.
    RiZwan SaHaran recently posted…Google Adsense Secrets For Getting ApprovalMy Profile

  2. Hey mate,

    Thanks for sharing this interview. Know Lisa for sometime now. Haha!

    Hey Lisa,

    Greats on the being featured on here! You definitely deserve it and take care!

    Reginald recently posted…Generate Lead And Email Contact List Using Lead ConverterMy Profile

  3. Good to see Lisa feature here and It’s a good choice Siraj
    If you read Lisa’s blog often, you’ll find out she’s really a blogger to hook up with. I had the opportunity to feature her as my blogger of the week where I knew a little more about her.

    Congrats Lisa and do have a wonderful week you both
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Free Stock photos for your blogMy Profile

  4. Hi Siraj,
    thanks for sharing this interview, very interesting!
    And congratulations to Lisa for being featured here.

    I think that starting a blog as a part time hobby is the best way to convert a passion in a job after some years.
    The important is having an income while you improve your skills.
    Like you mentioned, Siraj, starting a blog just for the money is not likely to last long.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…4 ways to write blog posts that make money for live Like Pat FlynnMy Profile

  5. Thanks Erik, Ah yes, hoping to move the hobby up a little more in 2014. Thanks for coming by and comment, Have a great day.
    Lisa recently posted…Does The Facebook Algorithm Change Your Friends?My Profile

  6. Siraj, thank you for having me here. It’s an honor and the questions you asked made me think and re-evaluate some. A good thing!
    Lisa recently posted…Does The Facebook Algorithm Change Your Friends?My Profile

  7. Lisa, great to see you here! I like your list of blogging role models; each is an absolute winner in their niche.

    Great share Siraj, thanks!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Good Branding, Better Branding: Helping Your Brand Take the Next StepMy Profile

  8. Hey Siraj,

    Awesome interview with one of blogging greats and I so much love it as it helped me to know more about this great woman.

    Hi Lisa,

    it’s good to see you hear on Siraj’s blog and thanks for sharing all this awesome tips with us. You truly are a wonderful blogger.

    Thanks for sharing this interview with us Siraj and thanks Lisa for accepting the invitation. I should throw some questions to you myself if you don’t mind. :)

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Interview with Susan Neal – A Literary Giant!My Profile

  9. Lisa is an excellent blogger. I have been reading her blog and it is very informative. I have added her to my list of favorite bloggers. Thank you for interviewing Lisa Siraj and sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…Save Money By Discount ShoppingMy Profile

  10. its aways neto read and learn from the interviews of great bloggers like Lisa buben, its always encouraging and resourceful. thanks for sharing this amazing interview, a great deal of lesson has been learnt.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Blogging mistakes that could kill your blogMy Profile

  11. Hi Siraj

    It’s great to see Lisa featured here. I’ve got to know her better over the last few months.

    She’s one of my go to blogs for great social media, SEO and blogging advice!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tim Bonner recently posted…Blogging Tips Shared: Silviu ConstantinescuMy Profile

  12. There is one interesting thing about this interview, all the answers there were straightforward and that is what this interview unique.

    Madam Lisa is a great blogger with an inspirational blog!
    Emmanuel recently posted…No Blogger can make you RicherMy Profile

  13. Great interview and thanks Lisa for inspiring aspiring and new bloggers.
    Srikanth recently posted…How To Use HDR To Click Stunning Photos On Your AndroidMy Profile

  14. Hi Lisa and Siraj,

    Thanks for sharing the tips and advice with us. I have been reading Lisa’s blog for a while now and I learn a lot each time I visit.

    Great piece of advice on #9 when you said that you can’t expect money right away. I think that many people who get started online tend to believe that success happens overnight.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Time Management Clock – Taking More BreaksMy Profile

  15. Hello Siraj.

    Awesome interview indeed! I’m already a reader at her blog’s and I’ve learned a lot of things. The interview is really informative with lot of useful stuff. Thanks for sharing
    Jijin Mohan recently posted…Top 5 Kids Apps For Learning PurposesMy Profile

  16. It’s really a inspirational interview. This interview will help to learn more about blogging.
    Thanks for this :)
    Kuldeep recently posted…How to Manually Update Nexus 7 to Android 4.4 KitKatMy Profile

  17. Hi Siraj,

    Great coming over to meet you! I love the interview you have done with Lisa. I’ve known her for quite some time now and she is a fabulous blogger.

    The information she has shared is great!

    Hey Lisa, It was good to know more about you on this blog. I see that you have mastered the Twitter platform. Girl, you are my idol because I lag behind on that one. Most of my peeps are on Facebook and G+ but I do need to get that learning curve down on Twitter.


    Donna Merrill recently posted…Do You Blog Strictly Within Your Niche?My Profile

  18. Hi Siraj,

    Everyone needs a mentor to easily succeed in life. Lisa is an inspiration, as well as Adrienne, Reginald, Barry, Silviu e.t.c.

    It’s great to see a great personality being featured.
    Dare recently posted…7 killer SEO tips to increase google traffic using imagesMy Profile

  19. Great interview Lisa. It is good to see you here. Blog Cooters is a great platform to be on. I hope this open you up to a new audience.
    Michael Belk recently posted…How are female officers treated by male inmates?My Profile

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