Why and How to Expand Your Network for Effective Blogging?

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I’m a blogger, who knows me? Maybe my readers, yes they do but when I started blogging there was no one familiar with me. There was no one to understand my distinct trait. This is the story of every blogger. At the beginning, no one knows him/her. So as a new blogger before you reach any audience you should reach like-minded people like you. Well, if I had known that building relationships in blogging can help me grow prosper then I would have made some good relationships first after that I would have started my blogging career. But I didn’t know so I think that I haven’t reached the success which I could have reached till now if I had known it.

Your network consists of people who understand you, people who think that you are good and are ready to promote your content anytime because you’ve helped them by any means.

Why to Expand Your Network?

As a blogger you would succeed if you have readers and your readers are your network. Suppose, you’ve just started blogging and wrote an article on your blog, how you are supposed to make it reach more people? As your blog is new Search Engines can’t help you. Who can help you then? Your network, the people in your network will read your stuff and they might share it if they like it and sharing could help you to reach more people.

How to Expand Network?

You can merely expand your network through platforms where people are present in large numbers. If you are looking to expand your network by helping people then you should show people what skills you have and once people get familiar with you they would contact you when they are in need of any help. Well, there are multiple ways to grow your network and you can do it so by making some efforts on the following platforms:

Blogging Communities:

The best way to grow your network is by connecting with like-minded people related to your niche and blogging communities are the best way to find them. Blogging communities not only allow you to be in contact with other people related to your niche you can also discover new stuff from blogging communities to improve your knowledge.

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Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is the most efficient way to grow your network. Strive to publish guest posts on big blogs with handsome traffic and loyal readers. You might be successful in converting the loyal readers of that blog into your readers. Guest Posting can also help you to make good relations with the blog owners who gave you opportunity to publish guest posts on their blogs.


Join forums with sections which are related to you niche and start interacting with people. Help people, ask questions from people, be their friend and they’ll become yours. Always try to help them to empower your network.


Commenting is not a platform but it’s another awesome method for growing your network, many bloggers fail to understand its potential. By leaving worth-reading and content related comments you can not only make good relationships with the authors but with the readers of that post too.

Sharing Stuff for Others:

To make strong bonds with fellow bloggers you must share their stuff as your fellow bloggers might have people in their network for which you are looking for and if they get inspired by your shares they’ll surely share your stuff which will be beneficial for you in growing your network.


Network is something every blogger should strive to build. But due to lack of knowledge bloggers fail to build a powerful network. So, how big is your network? How you made it possible to develop it?

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Siraj Wahid

Siraj Wahid is a blogger, he is interested in web developing and marketing. His specialty is Search Engine Optimization. He is working on blogs since years and now he is struggling to serve others. You can follow him on .


  1. Siraj,

    Great post on building a network. I am new author who published their first children’s book and I am finding, more and more each day, that this is the hardest part about getting your name out there. You have done a wonderful job of writing about all the aspects that we must hit in order to gain the followers to succeed. One important thing that I am taking from all of this is the time and patience it requires to slowly build that network.

    Thanks for the post and boost of confidence. I am looking forward to more of your tips regarding this subject matter in the near future.

    Joseph Forte
    Joseph Forte recently posted…Child 31 – The Story of Mary’s MealsMy Profile

  2. Hey Siraj!

    The points you provided are the best one and I extremely agree with you but I want to add social networks because these also help us wisely to get in touch with like-minded people related our niche of blogging !

    By the way thanks for sharing :)
    Ammar Zeb recently posted…5 Best Tips To Increase Google Page Rank Of Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hey Ammar,

      Yeah you can add social media to the list if you can find people related to your niche from there and can help them :) Keep Reading.

  3. There is this saying, no one is an island! Building networks of course brings about effective success in blogging.
    Emmanuel recently posted…What makes you look Stupid as a Blogger?My Profile

  4. Hi…

    Mate very Intresting Article. and also helpful, this is my first visit on your blog. Now this is Awesome, Great Blog With Awesome Post.
    And this is Latest Post of your A Really Nice (y)
    I’m Feeling Knowledgefull. :)

  5. The social media is also another platform for you to expand your network, i have met a lot of nice and interesting people on the social networks and this has long expanded my network.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…7 Reasons you are not getting enough Social Media TrafficMy Profile

    • Hey Nwsou,

      It seems it is your first comment on my blog. I appreciate your thoughts buddy. I would like to see more from you on this blog :)

  6. Hey Siraj, it’s good to be here at your blog today, thanks to your comment on Emmanuel’s blog. I love the comment and wanted to know the awesome guy who dropped it.

    Speaking about your great post, I think you have shared all that there is to share about building an effective network. Highly detailed.

    Here’s my take though: Never limit the power of social network, they can drive massive traffic to your blog and also remember to always come up with great and epic shit, that is content. Be a consistent blogger and always network with fellow blogger that has gone ahead of you at least a little ahead of you.

    Before I started blogging again in September, I first of all started building relationship with men of like passion. I met folks like Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Sue Neal, Enstine Muki, Suresh and a host of great bloggers and started relating with them. I soon started writing for their blogs and was seriously commenting everywhere. So that when the time came for me to start my blog it was very easy as I already have been known around the blogosphere owing to my many travels around it.

    So getting comments on my articles was no hassle for me and also you must constantly provide value to your readers as this will make them always come back to you and your blog.

    By and large, you have share an all important post that ever bloggers and most specially newbie bloggers would really resonate with it.

    Thanks for the share boss! Keep it up and do have yourself a magical week ahead okay. :)


    • Siraj WahidSiraj Wahid says:

      Hey Sam,

      I haven’t seen you in the blog-o-sphere before, it’s the first time but your comment shows your expertise in the blogging field.

      I have seen your blog, you are getting good number of comments this is just because of your network. You own a powerful network of people who are anytime ready to promote your content.

      Your visit from Emmanuel’s blog is over whelming for me. I appreciate your thoughts, Keep Reading :)

      • That’s true brother and remember the blog-o-sphere is too large to know everyone but if we do know ourselves then it’s all well and good. And did I tell you how happy I am to have connected with you?

        Oh thanks and that’s due to the great folks as yourself who never cease to amaze me with their fabulous comments and shares. I owe my success so far to them. And truth is I’m always motivated each time to serve them according to the tagline of the site, which is to “incubate people for lifelong success.”

        Haha! Your comment was a great one, so it’d be a grave sin if I didn’t come over. I was literally compelled by that comment and I had no choice than to come and be a part of this great community.

        keep reading? Why not, sure, not after seeing your great design and great write-ups.

        Remain motivated!
        Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 Reasons Why You Aren’t A Millionaire YetMy Profile

  7. Hey mate,

    Nice write. Bonding is important and you nailed that part. Blogging is nothing without good relationship.

    You need influencers one way or another in your life.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Reginald recently posted…Complete Migration Guide To WP Engine Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

  8. Hi Siraj,
    Guest blogging and blog commenting have been one of the oldest and finest methods to expand your network and make a lot of friends.
    But with change of time, social media engagement is a new technique to make a great audience for your and your blog. Blogging communities like BizSugar and BlogEngage have been effectively used by many bloggers to grow a community around their blog.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…Top 5 Articles – How to Create Your Social Media Strategy?My Profile

    • Siraj WahidSiraj Wahid says:

      Hey Vineet,

      Welcome to my blog. Well, through social media you can interact with fellow bloggers only but focusing on guest posting and blog commenting can help you to interact with tons of loyal readers.

  9. Hi Siraj,
    some good points here.
    I have found out that building relationships is the best investment in business – and life!

    Guest posting is a great way to achieve that, but also blog commenting is another good method.
    Social media offer us platforms to build connections online easily! :-)

    Thanks for sharing, Siraj.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…Increase Your Engagement on Facebook and Twitter (tips and tricks)My Profile

  10. Hi Siraj

    Blogging would be a very lonely business if you don’t become part of a community.

    I learnt very early on that other bloggers are very helpful people and will usually go out of their way to help if they can.

    I’ve only done one guest post so far but it certainly help generate traffic.

    I find that Triberr certainly helps a lot with networking and building relationships with like-minded people.
    Tim Bonner recently posted…How To Promote Your Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Siraj WahidSiraj Wahid says:

      Hey Tim,

      I too have done only one guest post so far and still i’m receiving traffic through that guest post. Yeah, blogging would be a lonely because interactions are must in blogging, if you don’t interact it would be hard to succeed.

      I have recently joined Triberr and seeing some positive results from there.

  11. Hi siraj,
    You have really said it all. The tips you shared are really great ways to expand your network. when leaving quality comments of value on other people’s blog, you are also building a good relationship even as you expand your network. Guest posting also helps you get that expansion you need especially when you guest post on a blog with high traffic, you make your self know as well as have quality back-link.
    Thanks for this informative post.
    Olili Bob recently posted…Feedburner feeds not up-to-date ? A simple way to fix this problemMy Profile

  12. A very brilliant post Siraj,
    Building relationships and networking with other bloggers is one blogging aspect anyone cannot afford to ignore, unless you want to be an island :).

    Seriously, its very important and, one of the best ways to build such network is via blog commenting, forums and social media.

    This is really interesting man, thanks for sharing :).

    BTW: Thanks for your comment on my blog, really appreciate
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Top 8 Internet Marketing Google+ Circles to Join for Effective Promotion of Your BlogMy Profile

  13. Hey SIraj,

    Really Nice article. Commenting on other blogs in the same is niche is really easy and simple way to get noticed and build relationship. Over the period with little experience, guest blogging is really going to help to build relationships.
    Sagar Desai recently posted…5 Things You Might Not Know About Infographic MarketingMy Profile


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